About Primex

Primex Instructors

Our Trainers are NOT just industry trainers. We pride ourselves on being experienced and professional educators that hold degrees, diplomas and certificates in Education and learning difficulties.

Our educators are well experienced in their material with years of field experience and teaching experience. Primex educators are trained Oilfield Professionals with Psychiatric Nursing, Addictions, Corrections and Policing experience. We are professionals.

We are trainers who understand learning barriers, disabilities, and individual needs. We place a high standard on all of our instructors to make it the mission that “Everyone at work matters…Everyone gets home!” In other words, we will take the time, the care, and the diligence required to allow all persons to learn no matter what we have to do. We have the background and education to make this process fun, entertaining, and an experience to remember.

Primex Works

Our Instructors share our passion. We love what we do! We live what we do! Take one of our classes and you will soon discover that learning is fun and encouraging.

The bottom line is passion. Our educators have locked in a mandate for training that works! We teach using our professional credentials, experience and the following five principles:

  1. Our material is relevant and up to date.
  2. We allow students to learn their way.
  3. We believe learning is experiential.
  4. We understand people need to learn at their own pace.
  5. Our learning process is positive, encouraging, and fun.







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